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The Balanced MomCast with Sandy Cooper

Oct 31, 2019

These episodes are all about kids and phones. Today I’m continuing with Part 2 of a discussion I started in EP24, with more talking points regarding content of texts and online conduct, sharing and posting photos, social media boundaries, and a reminder of who they are.

I am in the middle of a series on balancing life with social media, technology, the internet, and cell phones:

The series began with EP21 where I shared with you why I am taking a year-long social media hiatus.

Then continued in EP22 with some tips on balancing your own social media usage.

Then in EP23 I discussed parenting in the age of the Internet (something that our own mothers never had to do).

And then last week in EP24 I gave you Part 1 of a list of talking points and issues to consider before you hand your child a cell phone.

Today we discuss the following guidelines:

  • Do not engage in texting conversations that hurt other people. 
  • Don’t argue or fight with someone over texting or on social media.
  • Don’t say anything via text or social media that you wouldn’t want other people to read or that you don't want to exist forever. 
  • No profanity. 
  • Don’t text when you are angry and need to vent.  
  • Ask permission before snapping a picture or recording someone. Don’t ever send pictures of other people via text without their permission. 
  • No taking or sending provocative/immodest pictures of yourself or others.
  • No pictures, Skype, FaceTime or Snap Chat of you in your pj’s or from your bedroom or bathroom with people of the opposite sex.  

Rules Specifically about Social Media Usage:


  1. Mom follows you on all social media accounts and has access to all usernames and passwords.
  2. You may not create any new social media or e-mail accounts without my express permission. 
  3. Set social media accounts to the highest privacy settings.
  4. Only accept online friendships with people you know in real life.
  5. Only post things you want to exist forever and want the whole world to see.

Remind them...

"In a few short years, you will have complete control over your life—social media and otherwise. The boundaries we put in place now are put there to illustrate how to put internal boundaries around your own life.

As you mature and show responsibility in these areas, you will earn the right to more and more freedom. Our rules and monitoring of your life in general will decrease until, eventually, you will move out of our home and be living your own life. No one will be there making sure you are using your time wisely, getting good sleep, respecting yourself and others, staying away from inappropriate content, etc. It will be YOUR decision how you behave.

Remember who you are.  Every time you speak—or text or post on social media—you not only represent yourself, you represent our family. Even more, you represent Jesus Christ. Whenever you are in doubt about anything, take a minute and ask God for wisdom and guidance. He will always guide you. Always. You will get a check in your conscience—a gross feeling—if you are about to cross a boundary. Pay attention when this happens, because it’s probably the Holy Spirit convicting you and trying to steer you away."


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