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The Balanced MomCast with Sandy Cooper

Dec 4, 2020

Are you thinking about stepping away from social media over the holidays? Or maybe you're planning on kicking off 2021 with an extended sabbatical? You'll love today's episode! I tell you nine things I learned from taking one year off social media and offer you a few tips if you plan to take one yourself.


What I Learned:

  1. People have big feelings about (me) leaving social media.
  2. My activity on social media was not actually a "necessity" but rather an addiction. So I had to set very specific rules for myself.
  3. Shockingly, I did not lose any followers during my year off. In fact, I increased across the board on every platform. I have no idea why.
  4. I picked the absolute BEST year to be off social media (2020!)
  5. I don't want social media to tell me what to think. I'd rather shape my thinking by God's Word, thoughtful and encouraging podcasts, and great books by godly and intelligent thinkers. 
  6. I felt a little guilty about having huge life events happen and not announcing them on social media. 
  7. I am not as authentic on social media as I claimed to be.
  8. I am able to accomplish a LOT with 2 extra hours every day!!!
  9. Time flies when I'm off social media. I can't believe I've been gone a full year already. I have very mixed feelings about returning.


Whether you are taking a hiatus or not, build a real-life community with the real-life people around you outside of social media.

  1. Don't be afraid! This is YOUR life and you get to decide how to spend it. In an emergency, people will find you and let you know what's happening. 
  2. If you are genuinely afraid of leaving social media, write out all the reasons why--articulate them, name them--and then cast them all on God. He will help you sort out your concerns.
  3. Set a clear start and stop date.
  4. Delete apps from phone and turn off all notifications. Consider deactivating your accounts. Ask a friend to change your password and keep it for you until you are done.
  5. Let people know you'll be gone and how to reach you. You don't need to post it unless you are doing business on line or have a large following. You can just send a PM to a few close people. 
  6. Give yourself time to detox before you come back. Let yourself feel the freedom from your phone.
  7. Have a plan with what to do with your time while you're away. 



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