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The Balanced MomCast with Sandy Cooper

Jun 28, 2019

In this episode I share a simple strategy for gaining control of your day in these summer months when the schedule is wonky, the days are longer, and the structure of the school year has been removed...all in just 33 minutes a day, as the name implies.

Listen to EP 7 for more on daily routines


May 31, 2019

Balance is all about making good choices. And each day we have 35,000 opportunities to do so. Today, I'm playing Part 2 of a sermon I preached at my home church entitled "Choose Life." Don't let the word "sermon" fool you...this episode is super practical. 



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May 24, 2019

Balance is all about making good choices...and every day we have 35,000 opportunities to do so. Today I'm playing for you Part 1 of a message I preached at my home church on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, entitled Choose Life (but I'm not only talking about "saving babies.") 



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May 17, 2019

When your teen loses it, the absolute worst thing you can do is lose it too. When you match your child tantrum for tantrum, there are immediate and negative consequences:

  • You lose your leverage
  • Your teen feels like you are not a safe place.
  • It's impossible for you to think rationally.

“Your defining act of love for...

May 10, 2019

Today, in honor of Mother's Day, I'm sharing a recording of a sermon I delivered in my home church on Mother's Day 2018. If you are a tired mom or you know a tired mom, this is for you (read: this one is for EVERYONE!).


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